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Zhongshan Bailiwei Lighting Co.,Ltd.
Address: No. 8, Yingyi Road, Jixi, Xiaolan Town, Zhongshan City
Tel: +86-760-22253666
Fax: +86-760-22129666


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Quality:                    Quality goal:    
Quality first, the customer first           Customer Satisfaction ≥97%
People-oriented, continuous            Product storage time pass rate test ≥100%
improvement                   Time delivery rate ≥98%

The operating philosophy:                        Culture spirit:
People-oriented, good catchopportunities            Continuous learning, innovative spirit and innovative ideas
Respect for the customer, quality service               Vigorous, pioneering spirit of struggle development of professionalism
Active communication, harmony                             Through thick and thin, and seek common development of professionalism
Unity of purpose, forge ahead                                 People-oriented, efficient and more able to manage Spirit
Prudent financial management,real potential match   

                                                                                          Safety first spiritual quality, excellence
                                 Customer first, for all my spirit of service
                                 Tao (Desire), solidarity self-discipline
                               Expanding contacts, cooperation in good faith spirit of cooperation

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